The Necessity of Details

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The Necessity of Details

The necessity of details are important! You’ve heard the expression, “The devil is in the details.” According to Wikipedia and several other sources that expression was originally “God is in the details.”

John Wooden, former coach of the UCLA Bruins has more NCAA championships than any other basketball coach in history–10 national titles in 12 years and has been called the greatest coach of all time. What did he teach his players to ensure top-level performance?

For one thing, he taught them how to put on their socks. No kidding. Each season Coach Wooden showed his players how to prevent sock-wrinkles around the little toe and the heel, and how to lace up their shoes with a double-knot. This helped his players avoid blisters. In the closing minutes of a close game, the player without blisters on his feet will perform better. This simple, basic detail contributed to a series of National Championships.

Attention to detail, Wooden says, creates success in basketball, in business and life. His focus on the fundamentals–running drills and executing plays–gave his team confidence on the court and made them almost impossible to beat.

Wooden never had to resort to pep talks or tirades. He just helped his player excel in the basics. Excelling in the basics wins ball games, and excelling in the basics wins in life.

How Details Play in Christianity

The basics of spiritual growth are the same for all Christians–for new believers as well as old saints, for mega-church nationally recognized pastors as well as those who serve in obscurity. Maintaining an effective, consistent spiritual life requires the same effort from all Christians, regardless of how long they have been a Christian, where they live, or what they do.

There are no tricks and no short-cuts to this process. The only way to excel in the Christian life is to do the basics: daily prayer, daily Bible study, regular worship, regular service, and regular fellowship. These are the fundamentals, the details, putting on spiritual socks and tying spiritual shoes, and we never outgrow our need for them.

Spending time alone in prayer, or memorizing a verse, or visiting a lonely person may sometimes seem about as exciting as putting on your socks–but when you do it right it offers the opportunity for greatness.
Jesus said, “You have been faithful in a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” (Matthew 25:23) We look for great FAITH, God’s man or woman of faith and power with the great testimonies of amazing feats. Jesus looks for FAITHFULNESS in the small things, the unseen things, the details.

Remember, God is in the details.

PRAYER: Jesus, help me to focus on the things that matter the most, like spending time with you and serving others. Forgive me for those times I felt too “important” or too “busy” to attend to some details of ministry or service to you and others. Forgive me for those days I had too many important things to do to properly attend to putting on my socks correctly and tying my shoes correctly, the details. AMEN.