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Exploring The Blessed Life

I encourage you to read the opening statements of Jesus to his Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5.  It would make for a very long post to insert them here, but I think most are fairly familiar with the introduction especially.

We use the word “blessed” with great frequency in our world today. Almost everyone talks about being “blessed” for various reasons, but it usually about something good happening in our lives. We got a raise, a new job, are in a new relationship, got a bonus, got a new ______________ (you fill in the blank), enjoyed a great experience, live in a great house, etc.

Ask Yourself…

Does this mean unless you are experiencing these kinds of things you are NOT BLESSED?

If that is the case, then most of the world is not blessed.  The median per capita income for the world is $250 a month. That means a lot of people live on much less because of those of us whose income is much higher than that. Nearly half the world’s population lives on less $2.50 a day (half what many of you pay for a cup of coffee on the way to work everyday). Another 1.3 Billion live on less than $1.25 a day.

I know, many of you right now are feeling a little twinge of guilt and saying, “We are SO BLESSED.” We are indeed, and we need to be ready to acknowledge we are and that it is God’s grace. You know mercy is NOT getting what we DO deserve, and grace IS getting what we DON’T deserve. We should always keep an humble attitude toward our “blessings.”

The Meaning of Being Blessed

But, back to my question, are all these more than 4 billion souls NOT BLESSED? Is that what Jesus said in The Beatitudes? He talked about being poor in spirit, mourning, being meek, hungering for righteousness (hungering for something implies you don’t have it yet), being merciful, pure in heart, being peacemakers. Then he really dives in and says we are “blessed” when people insult us, persecute us, and say all kinds of false things about us. None of this fits our application of “I’m so blessed.”

Maybe Jesus was focusing not so much on what is going on AROUND us but rather what is going on IN us. I think he is saying you are blessed no matter what is happening around you or even to you as long as you have what is right in you.  There are no levels of being blessed. If you have a personal relationship with the one and only God, you are blessed, and he gets us through all the good times and the bad times, the easy seasons and the difficult seasons of life.

PRAYER: Jesus, I am so blessed because you gave your life for me and then gave me eternal life. All the things I have, the people in my life, my family are certainly blessings, but I am blessed because you are my Lord and Savior. My I live a life of gratitude for the blessing of your grace and mercy in my lifeAMEN.