Safe Life or Faith Life

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Choosing To Be Safe Versus Following Faith

A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. (William Shedd)

Sitting here in my office this morning a storm just passed by. The winds were approaching 80 mph! That’s tornado force wind. It’s quiet now, but for a few minutes it was ferocious.

I love the story in the Bible of Peter walking on the water (Matthew 14). The disciples are in a storm, a really fierce storm, and the Bible says, “Jesus came to them walking on the water.” They were all afraid. Get this picture. They are still fighting for their lives, and they see this man through the blinding rain blown by the wind. Jesus identified himself to them. It wasn’t like they could stop what they were doing. They were fighting for their lives, and they see what they think is a ghost! That’s when Peter maybe says the most ridiculous thing he’s ever said (and he’s known for running his mouth). “Jesus, if it’s really you then tell me to come to you.” Jesus didn’t hesitate to answer with, “Sure, come on.”

The Importance of a Faith Life

We can either live a safe life or a faith life.  People who live in the safety zone seldom accomplish much in life or make much of an impact. To accomplish great things you have to risk great things.  Peter would never have the testimony of the only person other than Jesus to walk on the water if he had not been willing to risk, the ridicule of others, sinking (maybe even drowning) in the sea, or his own disappointment.

Faith Makes You Whole

We often look at stories in the Scripture and relegate those experiences to those of another time and another generation of people who were “different” than we are.  So, I guess it really comes back to the topic of fear and faith.  When we don’t conquer our fears we live the “safe life” huddled in a corner protecting what we have waiting on an escape hatch we call the rapture to take us out of this world. When we do conquer our fears we release what we have to God and live the “faith life” trusting Him to give direction and fruit to our lives.

We all have them… fears that is, and we all have faith too.  Romans 12:3 “For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you.”  A measure of faith.  When we speak of the woman with the issue of blood we so often focus on her hopelessness, spending all her money, going home to die, but Jesus focused on her faith.  He said, “YOUR faith has made you whole.”  He recognized what others did not.  They saw sickness, disease, and death.  Jesus saw faith.  The blind man caught Jesus’ attention.  Others were annoyed by him seeing a hopeless man with no future but begging.  Jesus saw something else.  He saw faith and said, “Receive you sight; YOUR faith has healed you.”

There is faith in YOU!  Jesus sees what no one else recognizes.  YOU have faith today.  Live the “faith life.”  Hear Jesus say, “YOUR faith has…”  You fill in the blank with your need.

Now, go walk on the water!

PRAYER: Jesus, forgive me for living a safe life. Help me to live the faith life knowing your desires for me are greater than I can imagine, but they all require faith. I want to walk on the stormy waters of life not be consumed by them. So, here I go leaving safety, keeping my eyes focused on you, walking on the water. AMEN.