Roof Replacement

Every roof installed on the face of the earth has a life expectancy. Many of those roofs require replacement even before it has reached that out of the box number, due to weather elements such as wind or hail damage. Lifetime Commercial Roofing is a Pulse Of The City award winner for excellence in customer service when it comes to roof replacements.

We take pride in getting in and out in the most unobtrusive manner, taking into consideration:

  • Noise Pollution
  • Surrounding Landscape
  • Parking Logistics
  • Tenant Notifications
  • Common Walk Paths
  • Egress of facilities in case of an emergency

Picking the right re-roofing contractor can even mean the difference in having the highest level of warranty for your new roofing products. Lifetime Commercial Roofing holds certificates for all the major commercial brands of roofing materials, and our skilled technicians have individualized training in each of them to ensure you are guaranteed to have a lock tight roof system installed on your next Commercial Re-Roof.