Roof Assessment Management

A Roof Asset Management Program is designed to provide roofing inspections, reports and diagnostics, common roof maintenance, record archiving, warranty review and compliance, and online support for these services to commercial property managers and owners. Our services have 2 levels, and pricing is based on total square count of roofs being inspected. Participation in this program can ensure that the Manufacturer’s Warranty is not void due to lack of proper, qualified maintenance and inspections, and can prevent many leaks from occurring, and damaging valuable items within your building.


  • Photographed Inspection of your roof twice a year
  • Written Summary of inspections results including recommendations
  • Onsite Meeting with Property Representative to show photos and review findings

PRO-ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP (per square cost):

  • Active Membership services included
  • Leak Repairs resulting from common conditional degrading, but not roof membrane or substrate system failures (Examples are) pitch pans, pipe boots, flashings, and caulking
  • Immediate leak repairs performed (based on an “up to”, pre-determined , amount set by customer)

Common Roof Maintenance for leak prevention Including:

  • Removal of debris
  • Clean and Re-secure drains
  • Re-caulk/Reseal curbs and flashings at all penetrations as necessary
  • Tension test on seams
  • Secure loose sheet metal items
  • Fill all pitch pans, inspect pipe boots
  • Clear all gutters, downspouts, and scuppers
  • Redistribute any existing ballast across bare spots
  • 10% discount on any work contracted with customer outside of this scope, excluding insurance proceeds contracts.