Giants and Dreams

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Giants In Our Life

When the Nation of Israel began to occupy the Promised Land, the first challenge they faced was giants. You generally run into a “giant(s)” prior to possessing your promise or achieving your dream. Giants are the obstacles that stand between you and your destiny. Giant problems are the test in life that you must overcome or pass in order for you to receive your promotion. Giant problems are a last desperate effort by the enemy to turn you around before you occupy the place God has called you too. These problems can take the form of health issues, financial difficulties, legal, personal, or spiritual challenges, job change or loss, cars breaking down, family and/or marital difficulties, and the list goes on.

I wonder what David must have felt the moment he actually faced the giant? It had to be easier standing with the troops and watching the giant at a distance. I simply have to believe, (after all, David was human) that there was a moment, at least, when he faced the giant that it seemed to have grown, doubled or tripled in size. All our giants, whatever they are, seem intimidating and appear impossible to defeat and so we must have God’s help to take them out.

Handling Giant Problems

How you handle your giant problems will determine whether you settle for less or experience what God has for you. Fortunately, there was at least one person in the nation of Israel that believed God instead of being intimidated by what they saw. The rest of the army, even its general, saw a giant so big they couldn’t defeat it. David saw a giant so big he couldn’t possibly miss the target.

What are the giants in your way, keeping you from being everything that God wants you to be and having what He wants you to have? Is it your past? Is it some fear? Is it some life controlling habit? Life controlling habits are more than drugs and alcohol. The are many habits and addictions that control our lives. Is it a giant of greed or bitterness? Let’s face those giants! Let’s take them down! Let’s cut off their heads and claim what God has for us!

God is Greater than any Giant

The Israeli army saw the size of the giant. David saw the size of his God. Fear magnifies the giant. Faith magnifies our God. May I tell you, “Your God (if He is the same God I serve) is big enough to take out any giant in your life.” The promise is on the other side. The healing is just on the other side of the giant. The new job, the help for your marriage, the freedom from the power of addiction is all just beyond the giant that blocks your view of everything else. Face it. Take it out. Possess the promise.

PRAYER: Jesus, give me the ability to see beyond the moment of fearful encounter with the giant in my life that comes to steal the promise I have of your great power and love and forgiveness. Give me the courage to face my giants and conquer them to possess what You have already prepared for me and given to me. Help me by faith to see the giants conquered and lying helpless on the ground instead of looming over me, leering at me, and filling me with fear. Today I face my giants to possess my promises. AMEN.