How to Keep a Commercial Roof Functioning!

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How to Keep a Commercial Roof Functioning!

With current economic woes, the business world is seeking ways to make sure that spending is done wisely and profitably. Keeping commercial roofs functioning for years would certainly be more profitable than having to replace them. Before hiring a contractor to replace, repair or maintain that upper building structure, it is important to read some of these important tips that could have a lasting impact on commercial roofing systems.

Know Life Expectancy – Whatever material has been used to cover a building, it is important to know its life expectancy. Gaining such knowledge would allow a firm to calculate and allocate the budget intended for repairs, maintenance or even replacement of that structure. The anticipated life expectancy of such a structure varies according to the materials and construction methods used. Knowing this information would allow for a better allocation of future expenses regarding this important building part.

Conduct Routine Maintenance – Investment in routine maintenance will undoubtedly prevent future large expenditures for repairs or replacement in the future. A trained commercial roofing professional can inspect and troubleshoot any potential problem at an early stage. Routine maintenance throughout the lifetime of a roof can drastically improve the life cycle of a building covering to well beyond its anticipated years of use.

Inspect Annually – After years of being drenched by rain, pelted with hail, burned by the sun and other such destructive elements, any roofing material will begin to deteriorate and eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Utilizing the services of a commercial roofing contractor to professionally evaluate a building top and then provide maintenance services would greatly curtail many possible deteriorating elements and prolong the life expectancy of a building covering.

Know Inspection Process – Professional consultants use many tools to evaluate the condition of the covering of a building. Technology such as infrared photography is a new method used to examine the quality of roof’s composition. It can determine and zero in any problem areas that could possibly be subject to leaking or premature decay.

Perform Preventive Maintenance – Such care is better handled by professional roofing contractors who know how to prevent further problems. This could include: sealing and crowning all joints and flashings; cleaning out and aligning all drainage systems for unhindered water flow; flush and level all siding and pitch pans; and other actions necessary to improve the system and keep it from future issues.

Final Documentation – A written report should be prepared to cover every inspection and maintenance item handled. Every detail of the work should be written on the document including before and after photos showing details of how any problem area was handled. Itemized work logs can show what was done during the process. A calendar reminder about future suggested maintenance checkups should also be included.

By determining a roof’s life expectancy, getting professional services, and knowing the process of a maintenance check, business managers and owners can rest assured that the covering over that commercial building will shield a business for a long period of time – and that is the best way to keep the entire structure functioning!