Why Should an Owner Turn to Expert Advice?

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Why Should an Owner Turn to Expert Advice?

A roof, while highly important, is frequently forgotten about until something goes horribly wrong. Experts suggest preventative maintenance to reduce the costs associated with keeping this portion of a building in tiptop shape. Most commercial buildings will need a repair or replacement at some point; however, knowing what option to choose can be difficult unless experience in this area of construction exists. Roofing professionals are the best option because they can properly evaluate the situation during the estimate process. An expert weighs the current condition against available funds to determine whether maintenance is sufficient or if a full replacement is necessary. These are all important considerations when seeking a professional to complete any type of roofing work:

Special need accommodation capabilities
Flexible scheduling
An experienced staff
Warrantied services

What Elements can Decrease Material Condition?

An owner will eventually be required to make repairs or re-roof an existing building – an often painful expense that should be expected since average material life ranges anywhere from twenty to thirty-five years. Weather, area climate, and other influences reduce the rated life of any materials installed as part of the covering. Preventative maintenance and immediate reparation of small areas lessens the degradation process, but only if performed regularly. Damage occurs gradually, is not completely avoidable, and will be devastating if left unattended. A commercial roofing company can set up a preventative maintenance schedule for improved care and quick problem identification. These particular items contribute to roof degradation:


Poor ventilation causes inside and outside air to have a large difference in temperature, consequently creating harmful condensation. Wind, one of many unavoidable contributors, pulls up the edges of shingle or can rip off portions of any building covering. Natural continued exposure to the sun leads to steady material degradation, and rain on an already damaged rooftop allows a significant amount of water to reach internal components such as the insulation or ceilings. Various environmental elements affect the overall condition and are normally out of an owner’s control.

A commercial roofing company looks for specific indicators when determining whether maintenance or replacement is needed. Internal moisture marks, brown spots, and peeling paint are direct signs of a leak. Small leaks can be remedied with a repair; however, extensive damage calls for complete replacement. Professionals suggest repair as long as the section does not make up more than thirty percent of the entire covering. A catastrophe in the form of a tornado or other weather related incident will wreak havoc on any roof. Replacement should be the consideration in these instances because it can be hard to tell if the damage is only on the surface. A quick repair can lead to larger problems down the road that will end up increasing the total cost of fixing the problem. Age will be another factor considered by roofing professionals as they inspect the current condition. Owners will be better served by hiring a dependable company that is capable of fixing current problems or performing a complete replacement. Completed work should be followed up with a preventative maintenance routine to extend covering life.

A commercial roofing company is a good resource for deciding how to remedy a damaged covering. Roofing professionals can evaluate every aspect to provide the best possible recommendation.